Today we have Team Applider) with us. These guys like you and me were ordinary engineering students who dreamt of being extraordinary. They have made close to 20,000USD( 13.5 lakh Indian Rupees) while in college itself( this was in 2015). These are an inspiration for every student entrepreneurs out there.

Welcome Saleeh, great to have you with us:)

It’s a pleasure, Felix

Tell us about yourself and venture you founded in college?

Anees, Saleeh, Salah

Myself Saleeh; together with my friends( Anees and Salah) we started out while in first year of college. is a tool which can be used to create native E-commerce mobile apps( WooCommerce) in just 5 minutes. This plugin which we developed helped people from 60 countries. This process of creating native apps usually takes 30-45 days and $$$$ to do so.

Interesting indeed! How did you come up with this idea?

Like any college students, our intentions were to make pocket money which would cover up over expenses. Hence we started out as Freelancers in platforms like Fiverr. We started getting clients asking the same thing but with only a few varying elements. Hence we thought why not automate this task. This was the start. we come a long way since then. We have 500+ across the different continent.

How did you and other founders meet?

During the time we started freelancing. There were only a few people from my region. We used to chat via Google Talk ( today Google Hangouts). We went on working on same projects, that how we came closer.

Could you mention some of the momentous occasions in the journey?

It was indeed a wow moment for us when the first client paid 150$. This validated the need for our product and people are actually ready to pay the amount. And presently apps build using our tool has generated customers millions of dollars worth of sale.

Could you link some apps build using

Here you go-

See more of them on our website

What are some of your tips for someone aspiring to start while in college? founders at Silicon Valley

Just start something. Don’t just read and do nothing. Interact with similar folks. Use time outside the college to work on a side project. This, in turn, would help you with Product development skill that industry actually values. This would definitely make you worth hireable even if your startup fails. And don’t be afraid of failure. We had multiple moments when we were close to shutting down. The ride is filled with ups and downs, hence always be prepared for what’s on the way. And Finally, cultivate a strong relationship with others. You would never know where helps come from:)



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