Read about Venkat Scholarship and what other winners have to say about it.


Sriparna Ghosh Hello. I am Sriparna Ghosh, a final year BE student from DSCE Bangalore. Any questions regarding the Venkat Scholarship are welcome.

Could you brief up top 3 things why one should apply this Scholarship? You can also mention the after Scholarship experience too.

Sriparna Ghosh Top 3 reasons would be, to meet amazing people and expand your network and get inspired by them, to write about the work you have been doing and get encouraged, and to create impact.

What quality do you think a candidate should definitely have to get this scholarship


Would you recommend this program?

Sriparna Ghosh Yes ofcourse, I highly recommend students to apply to this scholarship!

Who were your Letter of Recommenders? How did you go about choosing them? How was the process like?

Sriparna Ghosh Both of my recommenders were my professors. I asked two of my teachers and they agreed.

We had to mention the details of the recommenders in the application and the recommenders had to write the mail with a specific subject line directly to the mail id provided in the application. The LORs(Letter of Recommendations) had to be taken on college letterhead duly signed and with college seal, then scanned.

What are some of the things for college students to explore while in college? Could you give some insights

Sriparna Ghosh Grab opportunities as and when it comes, even though you think this might not be as big and useful as you thought it to be. Just get started with anything that comes your way, even a small non technical internship or any volunteering activity. Waiting for the biggest opportunity might not work, keep at it, keep doing all the things you want, make good use of google to find yourself opportunities. And dont forget to network, google can never help you enough without a strong personal network. Interpersonal skills matter a lot. And be kind to everyone around you!

What is the impact that the scholarship has created in your life? How are you using the 225USD Project grant?

Sriparna Ghosh It has given me a new perspective to a lot of things and encouraged me to dream bigger. It has also allowed me to meet people who have been creating impacts and I am really inspired by all of them including you!

I have been building a smart mirror with my project grant and recently won the best innovative project award for the same in my college.

Sriparna Ghosh Google Venkat 2017 Scholar

Could you mention some of activities which you were part of in college? Have you won any other Scholarship/Opportunities while in college?

Sriparna Ghosh I am lead of Socio Tech Innovation lab in my college, where we provide technical solutions to social problems independently or in collaboration with external organisations.

Yes I have. I had won Subha Putela Memorial Scholarship for academics in my college and Women Student Achiever Award from Accenture in college.

Also recently I won best innovative project award for my final year project.

What advice will you give a First year/second year CSE student

What advice do you give on writing the essays for application?

Sriparna Ghosh Be completely honest and tell your story in your own words, dont forget to mention all your efforts. Draft a rough one, it may be little long, then try to fit that into the word limit.

What do you ‘think’ was why your application stood apart from rest of students applied? Some tips too:) 

Sriparna Ghosh I think my work as a Lead at Socio Tech Innovation Lab in my college and the honesty with which I had filled my application.

Could you share some of momentous(also Fun) occasions you had in the Silicon Valley Retreat?

Blog coming soon on

What preparations you did before applying for the scholarship

Sriparna Ghosh Actually I did not prepare anything as such. I just read about it and the questions were very relatable to me and that is the reason I applied.

What made you to apply for this?

Sriparna Ghosh The application requirements and the goals aligned well with my personal story and goals.

What was your experience of visiting the valley like? And can u elaborate ur proposal for vp scholarship?

Sriparna Ghosh The experience was beyond amazing! I am soon going to post an anticle on my experience on Do watch the space and read about it! As for the proposal, the lors and the essays need to be strong and in line with the goals of the scholarship. You can watch this video for some more details on Youtube

Please give some tips on how to answer the question related to the adversity we faced.

Sriparna Ghosh You just have got to be honest about it and make it to the point within the word limit.

About the sop thing would you recommend diving right into the issue or should we keep it somewhat abstract?

Sriparna Ghosh What I would suggest is for the first draft you can write all the things that you want to write and then you keep editing it to fit to the work limit and include the most important things only, and I think keeping it to the point is better

Read about Venkat Scholarship and what other winners have to say about it.



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