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The only community that understands students in college!

There are plenty of Opportunites while at College. A lot of students don’t have a clear idea about them. Opcollege wishes to democratize opportunities for College students. OpCollege( Read as together ) Stands for Opportunities for college students.

Founded by Felix Josemon

Felix Josemon Venkat Scholar

Felix was exposed to various opportunities outside of college which enabled him to learn what’s called #OutofSyllabus

He was selected by Google(One among 6 from India) as part of Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship, which helped him on an all-expense paid trip to Google and Youtube HQ in Silicon Valley.

Apart from advocating Computer Science education in the country, he also cofounded many startups/side-projects while at college. He is also a Digital Marketer, Public Speaker, and a Trainer. You can learn more about him on LinkedIn.

He also heads Kerala Product Hunt Community and Developer Student Club( An initiative by Google at Government Engineering College, Thrissur)

The project opcollege ( Opportunities for College Students) is built from the micro-grant receivedĀ from Google. (More on that in later blogs).

Opcollege conducts Interviews with student achievers(” Who been there and done that” while in college) from around the country which can be viewed here and is a trusted source for quality opportunities. We address the issues of College students and help them grow their career in college itself.

We aim to transform education scenario of Youth in India. One step at a time.

Contributors who made this possible- Sagara Sasikumar, Geon George

Opcollege GOLD PlanšŸ…

This is paid plan which can be utilized by Colleges in India to –

On Email-

  • Top opportunities for Students to apply to in your college
  • Books
  • Resources and Guides
  • Student Campus stories

Opcollege Diamond PlanšŸ’Ž

In addition to Emails in Gold Plan, this plan includes

  • Opcollege Campus Chapter
  • Career and Profession Interactions
  • Training
  • Meetups
  • Interview Tips

Those interested to Donate some amount to this initiative can reach out Felix [ hello[at]felixjosemon.com ]

Contact us at- hello@opcollege.in

You can join ourĀ Facebook group andĀ subscribe us on Telegram to receiveĀ one opportunity every day.


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